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Leadership Development Lessons Simplified

You're busy. Maybe stressed. Certainly responsible for getting things done sooner. It takes skill. Talent. Passion. And you've got all of that ... and more.

The thing is, though, that as you continue to move up the organization, gaining more responsibility, authority, influence ... power ... you're really only as good as the people who report to you are. And sometimes -- maybe more times than you'd like -- they're not all operating at their own peak efficiencies. So on top of everything else, you're the one charged with leading them, motivating them, engaging them.

It's a big job ... an important job ... your job.

And doing that job requires you to be a truly capable leader. Unfortunately, sometimes the leadership skills you've got is just not enough. What then?

Wouldn't it be helpful if you had a "virtual mentor" available
to help hone your leadership skills?

Wouldn't it be great to have a concise set of leadership moves to reference BEFORE an important meeting?

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THAT'S Where Leadership Moves Comes In

What ARE Leadership Moves?

32 tips, tricks, and helpful hints to help you become a better Leader -- or at least a much more "consistently excellent" Leader than you sometimes are.

With a new Leadership Lesson delivered right to you email inbox every two-to-three days, Leadership Moves will keep you focused on becoming a better leader -- becoming the caliber of leader that makes people want to be lead by you.

Developed by Barry Zweibel, noted Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Master-Certified Life Coach, and president and founder of GottaGettaCoach!©, Inc., and LeadershipTractionSM, this email-series of Leadership Moves will not only help you remember to work on your Leadership Development needs, but help you simplify the process, as well. 

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The Leadership Moves Email-Based Learning Program

(from GottaGettaBLOG!)

In order to become truly effective, leaders must be able to interact with staff -- that is, to "move" -- flexibly and consistently, responsively and proactively, powerfully and respectfully.

If you can't do that, you can never become a (capital L) Leader.
               End of story.

But, because aspiring (capital L) Leaders are typically so busy, they rarely make the time to actually think through how to actually become a better leader. They just "go from their gut", "wing it", "shoot from the hip". No real plan. No real learning.

No real progress.

That's why Leadership Moves was designed the way that it was -- as an email-based learning series. Here's the logic:

  • Since the more you think about how to be more effective as a leader, the more likely it is that you will actually become a more effective leader, Leadership Moves automatically sends you a new and different Leadership Lesson, via email, every 2-3 days SO THAT you CAN think about how to be more effective as a leader more consistently.

  • Since there really ARE a lot of subtleties in (capital L) Leadership, Leadership Moves is a compilation of 32 different leadership "moves" SO THAT you can develop a full picture of the real breadth and depth of (capital L) Leadership effectiveness.

  • Since aspiring (capital L) Leaders really ARE busy people, Leadership Moves is delivered to your email inbox in small, digestible pieces, each one taking only a few minutes to read SO THAT you actually CAN, and more importantly, actually WILL read them, and learn from them.

Consider the Leadership Moves program as your very own "virtual mentor," sharing with you what works, what doesn't, why it's essential for (capital L) Leaders to keep certain things top-of-mind. and providing you wherewithal to do just that. 

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What Makes Leadership Moves So Helpful?

  1. They're Time Efficient -- Each email provides a "quick burst" of leadership insight that are easy to read, and takes only moments to read. Short and sweet; powerful and effective.

  2. They're Widely Applicable -- Each email provides a concept or approach that's useful in a variety of "key moments" you're likely to face throughout your day.

  3. They're Easy to Implement -- Each email provides step-by-step -- and sometimes word-by-word -- instruction to becoming a more impactful leader. All it takes is a little more "intentional focus"  -- and knowing the right leadership moves to make -- and your conversations will become almost instantly more appreciated ... and appreciated.    

  4. They're Surprisingly Effective -- Each email provides a success strategy in and of itself. Combined, they can give you a depth and breadth of understanding from your "virtual mentor". It almost can't help but make you a better leader.

  5. They're Delivered Automatically -- Each email provides both a leadership lesson and an accountability. Because the program automatically "visits" your inbox every two-to-three days, each new email naturally serves and a "recurring reminder" to you to keep focused on growing and developing your leadership acumen, notwithstanding whatever else you have going on in your world.

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Just $35 -- that's less than $1.10 per Lesson!
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Here's What Others are Saying about Leadership Moves

  • From a regional vice president in Philadelphia: "I love the Leadership Moves! It's a cool concept. They're quick and infinitely useful. I recognize many of them from our coaching conversations and love being reminded of them!"

  • From an executive in Chicago: "I'm always interested in how I might become a better leader. Leadership Moves provided several excellent ideas to help me do just that. Well worth it."

  • From a director in Iowa: "This is a great summary of key leadership concepts from Barry's perspective. A definite tangible "asset" that I can review and refer back to over time."

  • From a CEO in Maryland: "Helped me gain honest insight into my strengths as well as my blocks."

  • From a vice president in Connecticut: "I now have a framework and with that, more courage and confidence. Most of all, though, I'm not afraid to really challenge myself to make more of a difference."

  • From a senior vice president in Chicago: "I feel like I have many more options now -- many more leadership "moves" available to me. I feel much more in control but much less controlling."

Leadership Moves ...

Leadership Development Lessons Simplified

Just $35 -- that's less than $1.10 per Lesson!
Order the Leadership Moves learning program
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